Linux Media Studio!

Please note that this is getting quite out of date now. Sorry, I may update at sometime, but I have no intention to do so at present.

LMStudio is a little project based around my idea of the ideal Linux multi media O.S. As LinuxMint and the Cinnamon desktop environment is by far my favourite O.S. and D.E. that’s what it is built with!
It is pre-configured to run audio and video editing app’s out of the box as well as many other app’s. It utilises the KXStudio repositories and already has most of their app’s installed.

LMStudio will not be available as an ISO for the foreseeable future, but rather a build list found here, that you can follow to achieve my desired end result, or you can modify it more or less.

Some ‘assets’ will also become available like D.E. config’ files and wallpaper once the system is completed and tested properly.

Please see this blog post for more information.

This website will also be a place I will post tutorials and how tos as well as other news and information about Linux multi media production.




Audio is where LMStudio excels. Audio software for Linux has been for a long time excellent and is just getting better.
LMStudio incorporates KXStudio’s offerings which take it up another notch. From the simple but powerful control of the Linux audio subsystem by Cadence to managing the work-flow in real time with Carla, KXStudio software is amazing!
The Calf plugins also excel, with great interfaces and controls. But it doesn’t stop there, as there are many more audio plugins by lots of developers available in LMStudio, making it an ideal platform to record, mix and master all kinds of projects from podcasts to live bands..


With GIMP and RawTherapee you have your bases covered. Whether you need to work with Raw images or compressed file formats, you will have no trouble.
Krita can even step in to help with certain tasks too.



LMStudio comes with just one video editor though there are quite a few others to choose from, but I think you will find Kdenlive and the Frei0r plugins plus Blender will be all you will need.
Kdenlive, a non liniar video editor is a beautiful application and very competent.

Desktop Publishing

Once you have recorded your audio and video, it’s time to advertise it. Scribus is an excellent Desktop Publishing app’ and with the graphics app’s you have at your disposal, you can make proffessional posters, flyers and other printed media.



With Blender, you can make 3D models, animate them or just take 2D images of them for use in websites and printed media.
You can also build games using Blenders powerful game engine.


For the artists out there, Krita, Inkscape and GIMP will fill your needs. GIMP, a very powerful rasta image processor plus Krita and Inkscape have your vector graphics work covered.