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Pictures below.

Colvic Sailor 26
“26 foot sloop.
Bilge Keel (encapsulated vertical keels).

General description

Waterbug is a sweet little boat with a strong hull. Though she needs a lot of attention to get back to a good standard and so is a project boat at this point.
Standing room is good though at about 5’8″.


The hull is in pretty good shape, though needs a clean and polish and anti-fouling. In some places maybe repainting.
The grip patches on the deck need a repaint.
The rudder looks to be in good order.


The mast, boom and standing rigging look to be in good order, the running rigging really needs renewing, at least the main and fore halyard, plus the fore sheet.


Volvo Penta MD1B (10hp) single cylinder diesel inboard.
I haven’t managed to start the engine, though it turns over well enough.
I have fitted a new starter battery, which is kept topped up by the two 20w solar panels.
The control cables to the throttle and gearbox need replacing. (I have removed them to measure them (they are 6 feet long).


The main sail is possibly ‘blown out’, but is probably usable. There is a jib and another sail that I haven’t had out of its bag, but looks to be a spinnaker. I believe there is a second jib too.


Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of electronics, though the depth sounder seems to work. I haven’t sailed her so cannot check, but the devices boots and gives a reading of about 3′ which would be about right beached.

There is an old marine VHF radio that is of unknown condition, but is old.


There is a new small, inflatable tender, though no engine for it (it will take up to a 5hp engine).
There are lots of spare lines.
I have sealed the leaking windows, though they need replacing at some point as they are ‘crazed’.
The fore hatch is the wrong type and badly fitted and leaks, so is currently covered.
One of the air vents in the roof leak and is now taped up.
There is an outboard bracket for storing an outboard for the tender (outboard not included), or propelling the boat in case of main engine failure.

There are also some tools included.

Mechanical tool set and a basic joinery set (Saw, chisels, screwdrivers etc).