Secrets and Lattes S2 EP5

It’s Spring in Edinburgh with new beginnings are on the horizon for the staff of Cafe Culture.

Trisha is now engaged to her long-distance lover Richard and her big sister Clare is gradually working her way through her divorce. Laid-back Glaswegian chef, Callum, is struggling to let the reins go as his autistic son Max turns 18 while Lizzie is enjoying helping the officially-adult Max spread his wings.

Nobody quite seems to know where home is at the moment – including the stray dog that Lizzie has acquired.

Things come to a head when Max’s birthday party doesn’t quite go according to plan and an unwelcome encounter for Lizzie results in trauma all round.

Series two of Hilary Lyon’s caffeine-fuelled sitcom.

Trisha …… Hilary Maclean
Clare …… Hilary Lyon
Lizzie …… Pearl Appleby
Callum …… Derek Riddell
Richard …… Roger May
Max …… Scott Hoatson

Director: Marilyn Imrie

Producers: Gordon Kennedy and Moray Hunter

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in July 2015.

GP Media
GP Media
Secrets and Lattes S2 EP5

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