Secrets and Lattes S2 EP6

It’s May in Edinburgh and life at Cafe Culture is certainly bursting with life.

Trisha is about to marry her long-term, long-distance lover Richard and, despite being mid-divorce, big sister Clare can’t resist meddling in the wedding arrangements.

Relations are strained too between supposedly recovering kleptomaniac trainee Lizzie and laid-back Glaswegian chef Callum over her friendship with his autistic teenage son Max.

There is much uncertainty over living (and sleeping) arrangements all round as everyone works out where home is exactly – and who else is in it.

Will Trisha and Richard actually make it up the (outdoor) aisle and who might still be speaking to who?

Conclusion of series two of Hilary Lyon’s caffeine-fuelled sitcom.

Trisha …… Hilary Maclean
Clare …… Hilary Lyon
Lizzie …… Pearl Appleby
Callum …… Derek Riddell
Richard …… Roger May
Max …… Scott Hoatson

Director: Marilyn Imrie

Producers: Gordon Kennedy and Moray Hunter

An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in August 2015.

GP Media
GP Media
Secrets and Lattes S2 EP6

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