KXStudio Repo’s Down

KXStudio Repositories Unresponsive

The wonderful KXStudio repositories have been down for a few days now and it seems they’ll be down a bit longer.

According to the Linux Musicians forums, they have been hacked and are trying to restore the systems.

I hope they can get back online ok, and that their packages haven’t been compromised.

Update 2:

The KXStudio repo’s are now back up! 🙂 as of approx’ 03/02/2018 – 15:00hrs.


It seems all official information about this issue is to be found here.

Jeremy of LinuxAudio.org has announced…

January 29th the linuxaudio.org was compromised. Someone managed to pull in a privilege escalation exploit, probably through a reverse shell and got root. This was discovered by the Virginia Tech IT department and they cut the server off from the network. Their policy dictates that compromised servers have to be wiped and reinstalled. Because we didn’t have an option to try cleaning up things we have to build everything up from scratch again. Since it’s a very small team that keeps this server up (basically 2 persons including myself) rebuilding is going to take some time. Data loss should be minimal as we have backups. So please bear with us, I will keep you posted on the progress.


I’d like to point out that information in this thread on the outage of linuxaudio.org is leading. So please refrain from speculating, thanks in advance!

Current status is that we have access to the current server again so we can start recovering data. Hopefully we can make some good progress this weekend. Priorities are mail and LAC2018 submissions. Then Libremusicproductions.com and kxstudio.linuxaudio.org (including the repo’s). More to come so keep an eye on this thread!

And if there are any questions, PM me on IRC or send me a mail.